Album#2: Work Continues...

Get Socks Again! for Christmas!

That's right, it's SIX years in a row for a special Ragged Flags seasonal musical treat, and this year it's a belter. We might have next year off (though yes we do say that every year).

Click here or on the player above to stream or download Socks Again! – it's a Christmas present from us to you so the download is FREE (though, you know, it's Christmas, so if you wanted to chuck us a few bob that would also be fine).

All our previous Christmas tunes can be found on the Ragged Christmas Crackers compilation album, which is only available on our Bandcamp site. Yep that's right, downloading those tunes costs money now, so the moral of the story is get the current Christmas song while it's going for gratis!

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all. Stay safe, much love, 

The Ragged Flags
Paul & Chris & Mark & James

New single and video! 'Never Ask' is OUT NOW!

Hello dearest web buddies. We're back with a brand new single and a brand new video to go with it.

Click here or on the the big video link below to watch the 'Never Ask' music video.

Click here or on the player below for the full single download of 'Never Ask', which includes a special 'Stripped Mix' version of the song.

If you like 'Never Ask' then you can check out the full album LET IT ROLL, available from all digital vendors and in CD format. There are also many other spiffing releases over on our Bandcamp page.

We're currently in the rehearsal studio working up a batch of new songs; we'll hopefully get back to you soon with some live dates and other news. Stay classy, you crazy bunch.

The Ragged Flags

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