The Ragged Flags are a London-based four piece with their own distinctive sound incorproating the essential natural juices of rock, pop and folk with the lovely chunky bits of country and blues.

James Goodwin (singing, guitar), Mark Aldworth (lead guitar, singing), Chris Edwards-Dewey (bass, singing) and Paul Whibley (drums, percussion) met and bonded over their shared love of soaring three-part harmonies, rocking guitars, and hook-laden melodies. The Flags are setting feet tapping and heart-strings twanging at a venue near you.

The Ragged Flags have released an EP, a live album and are on a run of four consecutive years of putting out an original single for Christmas. Their debut studio album, LET IT ROLL will be released on 29th April 2016 and is available to pre-order now.

Left-Right: Chris Edwards-Dewey, Mark Aldworth, Paul Whibley, James Goodwin